CYBERSYMBIOSIS Issue #1 Written By: Woody Arnold Art By: Eric Vargas Full Color, 24 Pages $4.99 In this inaugural issue we meet Hiro, Ryker, Quick and Conway as they survive from day to day in Seattle of the year 2216. A bounty hunting job goes sideways when the Yakuza show up with an interest in their target. What should be a routine job quickly becomes a life & death race for their lives.
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Thunderfrog The Series Written By: Woody Arnold Art By: Tayson Martindale Black & White, 24 Pages $3.99 each This series, created in partnership with Thunderfrog Studios, follows the adventures of a frog named Theo who discovers the lost Hammer of Inoadar. Armed with the most powerful artifact in history, Theo is now expected to go on the epic quest however there is one catch... he's a farmer not a trained warrior. This story of an unlikely hero sees Theo and his companions taking on an invading army while dealing with betrayals, ancient monks and unexpected allies. The first six issues are now available and the second graphic novel is coming soon!
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